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GGOOATS (Grab & Go Overnight OATS) is a conceptual food brand. GGOOATS branding is targeted at a typical Whole Foods consumer, someone who can afford to pay for the convenience of a pre-made meal while also being environmentally conscious. GGOOATS branding appeals to busy people who appear to “have it all figured out”. 

Project Type / Branding, UX Design, Motion Graphics,

Package Design


The logo for GGOOATS represents the core values of the target audience: hard-working, health conscious, environmentally conscious, and compassionate. The italicized text with an increasing weight denotes movement since the ideal consumer is "always on the go". The colors of the brand represent the colors seen in a sunrise since this is typically a meal eaten at breakfast time in the morning.


The website for GGOOATS is straightforward, directing potential consumers to shop for the product of their choice. 

GGOOATS also offers refillable oats packets as well as a reusable container. The packaging is meant to remain consistent in order to be easily recognizable on the grocery store shelves.


GGOOATS uses social media ads to to get the attention of their target audience of 18-29 year old working adults. Focusing on color and shapes in their ads rather than showing images of food and oats is a way for GGOOATS to standout against their competitors.

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