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"ghostdogs." is a new indie/rock band releasing new music. The branding and website combines handmade elements paired with geometric elements to encapsulate the genreless sound of the band.

Check out the website here: 

Project Type / Branding, UX Design, Photography, Social Media


The ghostdogs. album cover for their debut album titled, "Sylvia" uses film photography combined with graphics overlays. The center of the record is the illustrated icon associated with the band that depicts the jawbone of a dog, referencing the band's name, "ghostdogs."

The band listed artists such as The 1975, Phoebe Bridgers, Bob Dylan, and Talking Heads as inspiration. I research those musical artists to inform the art direction for the brand including photography, social media, and web design.


Two posters created as a Thank You Gift to those that chose to donate to the band's crowdfunding campaign. 

The ghostdogs. website is designed to lead the user to listen to new music from the band on whichever streaming service is preferred. The website features images from the same photoshoot as the Album and Single covers.


Social Media was successfully used to promote the formation of the band as well as launch new songs.

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