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Peach & Pebble

Peach & Pebble's re-brand is focused on targeting sophisticated, city living consumers with a passion for plants and interior design. The new branding uses colorful accents and lifestyle focused photography to help the consumer envision the products in their home.

Project Type / Branding, UX Design, Photography, Social Media

Peach & Pebble needed a new Home Page and Category Page that better reflected their brand's personality. They also needed the site to show users the variety of color and sizes that were available for each product.

Artboard 1 copy.png

Peach & Pebble needed new lifestyle photography to better represent their personality. I planned, budgeted, organized, and executed a photoshoot for the client. The images featured above are two of many that can be seen on the website, advertisements, and social media.


By using the new photography, and doing hashtag and trend research, Peach & Pebble's social presence grew steadily and significantly over time.


The goal of the photoshoot was to create images that show how the products could fit into a modern home. Showing the scale of the products in a functional way was also requested by the client.

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